Lessons with Bri!

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About Lessons at BRI Music

BRI Music offers lessons in guitar, ukulele, and keyboard, with focus on a safe, secure, and fun environment where the magic of music is always promoted.  We hope you love it as much as we do!


About My Students

The BRI Music community is diverse and constantly growing!

Students at our studio are:

  • Big music lovers
  • Willing to work hard for what they love
  • Interested in a wide variety of genres (Twenty One Pilots, Johnny Cash, and more!)
  • Young and old  (Musicians of all ages!)


FAQ’s Answered...

  • Upon applying as a student at BRI Music, you and Bri will have one free meet and greet together, where you'll get a chance to know each other and your musical goals, in addition to setting up further lessons!
  • Our studio is located at 20725 South Street, Suite #7  Tehachapi, CA  93561.
  • Music lesson payments and rates can be discussed at your meet and greet.  Payment is collected a month at a time, by the first lesson of the month.  There are price tiers for private lessons, masterclass lessons, and group lessons.
  • Private lessons are one-on-one, for half an hour.  Masterclass lessons are 2-3 students, for half an hour.  Group lessons are 4-5 students, for 45 minutes.  If you're interested in masterclass or group lessons, you aren't required to sign up with other students; we're happy to place you in a group of musicians at the studio.
  • We teach Monday through Thursday.
  • BRI Music is a vendor for Inspire Charter School and Summit Academy.
  • We have a cancellation policy designed for flexibility.  Any time Bri takes a week off, your lesson will be credited to you, as it will be any time you have to cancel due to sickness.  Otherwise, if you cancel your lesson 24 hours in advance or more, for any reason, your lesson will still be credited to make up at a later time.
  • BRI Music does not offer refunds.  Paid lessons can be credited if cancelled with at least 24 hours notice, per the cancellation policy.

Apply to Join the
BRI Music Community

Fill out the application to schedule your free meet and greet with me.  I'll pick one of the three times you listed (if available).

I can't wait to meet you, and I look forward to chatting about all your questions and excitement at that time!

Happy playing!