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How to Teach Your Child the Musical Alphabet

A free lesson to teach your kid a basic, yet crucial, musical skill… the musical alphabet!

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FAQs and Answers!

Teach Your Kid Guitar is on sale for 20% off, this week only! Here are some common questions I get about the course and music education in general…

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How To Teach Your Kid Their First Chord

When I’m teaching my students, beginning guitarists get a big sense of accomplishment and a tickle of joy when they can form and successfully play their first chord.

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How To Read Tabs and Teach Your Kid to Read Them (Plus my cover of Blackbird!)

Tabs are important! Whether tabs are your preferred form of reading and playing music or a secondary type that you don’t spend too much time on, it’s great to be comfortable with them.

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Be Just One Step Ahead of Them: How to Teach Music to Your Child

You don't have to be an expert.

You just need to be one step ahead of your child.

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