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How To Create an Inspiring Environment

Make your environment inspiring so you have an extra boost on your “non-inspired” days.

And then go create!

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Important: Group Music!

Why is it important to play with other musicians??  Next week is our first official week of masterclass lessons and group lessons!

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A Four-Letter Word for All to Enjoy

It is beyond possible to do work you're crazy about, as an artist, an entrepreneur, a craftsman, a baker, whatever it is, and be fulfilled while also wildly successful.

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Our Online Presence

Hey, friends!

I've been thinking the last couple weeks about what we share on the internet.  I'm specifically talking about how we market, share our work, and self-promote. 

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How Fingerpicking Is Like Handwriting

Fingerpicking can become like an old friend.  Over time, a person's style comes out in the way they play; every artist has a personal flare that flavors their art, and avid fans of the artist even recognize the flare as belonging to that artist when it's seen or heard in their work, like a Norman Rockwell look or like Marcus Mumford's voice.  Nobody else in the world paints like Rockwell or sings like Mumford.  These are the fingerprints every artist stamps on their work. 

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