FAQs and Answers!

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As a parent interested in providing the best, quality, most fun education for your kids, I'm sure you have a lot of questions and priorities.

Here are some common questions I get about Teach Your Kid Guitar and music education in general:

How long does it take to learn to play guitar?

^^^ I had a 5 year old student ask me a couple weeks ago if he would still be taking lessons when he's 50. ;)

How much does Teach Your Kid Guitar cost? Are there any discounts available?

What will I get in Teach Your Kid Guitar?

What age is a good age to start teaching music?

Why is music education important to schooling, childhood, families, development, etc?

If you've wondered some of these same things, I have answers for you. (Keep reading!)

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For starters, whenever I get asked how long it takes to learn to play guitar, I never give a set number of days, months, or years... because learning to play an instrument is a magical journey that doesn't ever have to end! I intend to play and to keep learning my entire life. And there will ALWAYS be more to learn.

Trust me, that's a good thing. Exciting.

HOWEVER, it doesn't take a lifetime to feel comfortable with a guitar, to learn a few dozen songs, or to be able to play music with your friends.

You can do all of those things with Teach Your Kid Guitar, since it's designed to take a brand new beginner and give them a confident, well-rounded start. And getting to that milestone on guitar will likely take you somewhere between 2-3 months.

On that note -- this course is go-at-your-own-pace, and it's all online, where you, as a student, would have total access at all times, so you can take a music lesson with your kid any time you want!

Need to skip a week for family vacation? Want to do a lesson at 6 in the morning or right before bedtime? No problem...

The loose time frame and schedule of Teach Your Kid Guitar is also completely customize-able for the learning style and speed of your child -- whether that's slow or fast. I don't want to rush or delay anyone. You and your kid will be given all the videos and workbook lessons you need to have stellar success with your dive into the world of guitar, and you can go through them at whatever pace works best for you.

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The course is regularly $397, and YES! We have a discount!

As of yesterday and only until April 12th, it's being offered at 20% OFF!

Yesterday, April 8th, was the one week birthday of Teach Your Kid Guitar releasing into the world (happy dance!), so we're doing a launch party sale. Excited to celebrate with you guys!

Buy NOW (hurry, before this offer ends on Friday!), and you'll get both the limited-time bonus (two more videos and a workbook, in addition to the 8 phases of the course!) AND $80 off!

That makes the course just $317, for this week only.

This is the perfect time to add music education to your family, and the sale will help you save money while doing so. Here's the link: https://www.musicbri.com/products/teach-your-kid-guitar.

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The short, straight-to-the-point answer:

  • 8 Phases

  • 17 video lessons

  • 44 pages of sheet music, explanations, chord graphs, images, songs, and more, in workbook format!

  • 39 songs

  • 5 chords

  • a login for the members-only website, where you can view everything in order, accessible to you on any device that can connect to the internet

The more full-picture answer:

All of the above, plus an opportunity to bond with your child, doing something they love together.

A chance to learn an instrument or pick up music again after quitting years ago. (So many parents tell me they wish they'd stuck with it.)

Gaining the many joys of music in your home.

Making "school" more fun for your kids and creating memories they'll always cherish.

Showing your kids how important the arts are, letting them be imaginative and creative, and supporting their dreams.

A chance to become the music teacher for your child... Teach Your Kid Guitar provides everything you need to give them a great foundation on guitar, even if you've never played before!

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Any age! Every age! All ages! Right now!

I believe kids should ALWAYS be surrounded by music. It's so important, for their brain development, creativity, emotions, joy, and more.

Play music for them in the car, sing in the morning, clap along to their favorite tunes, give them musical toys, join their dance parties, let them play drums with kitchen utensils...

I think music "education" and just general enjoyment and play should be integrated from the very beginning of a child's life.

I know wonderful teachers who teach and introduce music to toddlers and even newborn infants.

So definitely, no matter the age of your child... sing to/with them, help them make up their own songs, teach them about the musical alphabet, and help them clap rhythms. (I have more free resources, videos, and posts on this blog that might be helpful for you.)

And for Teach Your Kid Guitar, specifically, it's geared for roughly 7 and up. I think it could also be a great fit for many 5 and 6 year olds, and the great thing about the flexibility of the course is that you, as the teacher, can customize, rearrange, filter, and deliver the content as you see fit, as much or little as your child is ready for.

And you can take the course as many times as you want, with as many of your kids as you want!

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Great question! Why does this matter? Why should you care?

What makes Teach Your Kid Guitar any more important or note worthy than all the other valuable resources you come across as a parent?

I highly recommend you go watch this four and a half minute video from TED-Ed. Fireworks in your kid's brain!


Now, do you have any questions that weren't addressed here? Send them my way!

And hurry, get in on the course so you don't miss the 20% off sale!

Happy playing!

P.S. In case you're just skimming to the bottom, Teach Your Kid Guitar is on sale for 20% off!! Click here to buy and save $80.