All the Current BRI Music Freebies!

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Who doesn’t love free stuff?!

I thought I’d put a list together of all the current free music lessons and other resources I have available, so you can go through and get all of them or choose which ones will benefit you right now!

So get ready for your organized list of BRI Music goodies…

This is for all the parents who have kids interested in music — I have several awesome things to get you started helping them learn music, and this will put you right in the middle of the creative learning process with them!

And if you don’t know anything about music yet, either, even better.


And one more thing for you!

This one isn’t free, but it’s inexpensive.

If you don’t have The 5-Song Guitar Package for Parents and Kids yet, it’s just $17, and you can add it into this list of free resources for a great collection of lessons ready to play with your family!

This package will use tabs to teach you and your child how to play Smoke On the Water, Mission Impossible, Thunderstruck, Seven Nation Army, and Happy Birthday on guitar!

Some of you may have gotten this one already via a homeschool website I donated it to a couple months ago. But if you haven’t, here it is!

Regular price for The 5-Song Guitar Package is $37. You can buy it now for just $17!

Email with any questions, and please share stories of you and your kids making music together! I want to hear about how these lessons go for you!

I support music education so much because I truly believe every kid should be given the opportunity to learn to play an instrument. And I’m so glad you’re helping yours do that. <3

Happy playing!!