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I am bouncing with excitement as I unveil this news to you all…

We are releasing a brand new beginning guitar instruction course for parents and kids, Teach Your Kid Guitar!

If you’re on our email list, you’ve been hearing all about it and getting the inside scoop all month long. ;)

If this is the first you’re hearing of it, check out this video…

My goals with this course are to:

  • bring the magic of music into as many homes as I can because it's THAT important

  • give all kids a chance to learn to play an instrument

  • bring families closer together through parent-child bonding time

  • spread laughter and happy tunes

  • give you an opportunity to embark on an adventure and learn something new

  • take the "middle man" out of the music lesson equation so YOU can be your child's teacher

  • help you create awesome memories together

  • give you an accessible form of music education that you can use anywhere, at any time, while traveling or without extra commute, and to fit your schedule

  • offer you a course you can use for ALL your kids (with no extra cost)

  • and give you and your child a quality, fun guitar instruction experience!

If this sounds like a great fit for your family, I hope to have you in the course! (Join here!!!)

Happy playing,

P.S. BRI Music is now offering an all-new, very exciting beginning guitar course for parents and kids to do TOGETHER! If you have a music lover and want to learn an instrument with them, join us here.