Basic Strumming Tips for You and Your Kid

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Last week on the blog, I talked about how to teach your kid their first guitar chord. I filmed a video lesson on it and offered you a free download with chord graphs and a couple simple strumming patterns!

If you didn’t see that post or get your free page of music, go here!

This week, I’m doing a bit of a follow up to that video.

You and your kid know how to play you first chord now, but what to do with the other hand??

If you’d like to learn strumming — how to rhythmically make that chord sound great and fill the space of your music like you want it to — this video is for you.

I’m giving you a few basic strumming patterns (down strums, up strums, and the “boom chuck”), along with some tips to help you avoid common struggles I notice many of my new students having when they first start learning strumming.

Strumming can be difficult at first; I hope this helps you make sense of it and add a new guitar skill to your family’s repertoire!

Happy playing!

P.S. If you love every opportunity you get to learn music with your child, download my free online music lesson… 20 minutes of video and a 13 page workbook, How to Teach Your Kid Their First Song in One Day! (The song is The Imperial March from Star Wars!!!)