How To Create an Inspiring Environment

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Inspiration is a funny beast.

People chase it and long for it.

Lots of artists put off their creating “until later,” waiting for inspiration “to strike.”

(I’m guilty of this, too!)

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    Sometimes inspiration DOES strike. Seeming unrelated to what we’re doing or for no apparent reason.

    Sometimes we have a lucky light bulb moment, a eureka!, a bolt of ideas and action infused into our creator mind.

    Other times — times when we’d really like for those things to happen — nothing.

    I believe we must make our own inspiration.

    I also believe we must do the work even when we aren’t inspired.

    Put in the time. Go through the motions. Get your create juices flowing manually. Make your inspiration muscle memory perk up by actively doing the things you’d like to be inspired about.

    Creating is the work that requires dedication and repetition. To be a musician, for example, we must keep playing and playing and playing. We must practice our skills, our instrument, and our art! There are no shortcuts in any genuine endeavor or craft, and to ultimately create “inspired” work, we’ve got to just keep going.

    Make and then make some more.

    That’s why there are mottos like “create something every day.” If you do this, you’ll have a slow, constant trickle of work accumulating. It’s no magic trick or easy formula. You can’t skip ahead! (And you’d miss all the fun if you could…)

    So I like to say this: effort before inspiration.

    (Usually, inspiration comes when you’re already hard at work on your craft!)

    Don’t rely on a “light bulb moment” to get you to make something and to engage in your art.


    Make some inspiration for yourself.

    Do things that help you feel cared for and excited. Things that connect you to what you love and remind you of creativity, joy, emotions, beauty, etc.

    Add spontaneity AND routine to your life to make room for your own cultivated inspiration.

    Do things to invite inspiration in. Listen closely for it while you do the work. Keep going AND keep a trusting look out.

    To create your own inspiration, figure out what delights you and do more of that. This means doing activities that delight you and creating a space that delights you.

    Sometimes your environment needs a little more organization.

    A brightly colored wall.

    Pretty curtains.

    Bold photos.

    Your favorite, motivational quotes tacked to a cork board.

    If you’re not sure what addition would help you most in your work space, download the free work sheet below! I LOVE decorating and creating a warm, inviting space for my enjoyment and work; I hope this work sheet helps you do the same.

    Make your environment inspiring so you have an extra boost on your “non-inspired” days.

    And then go create!

    My assistant and I rearranged the studio last week, so I thought this was a perfect time to write about inspiring environments! I LOVE the open, clean, fresh feel it has now. We figured out how to make MUCH better use of the space, and it flows quite nicely. Boom! Inspiring environment! (It really can make a cheery difference!)

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    What are your best pick-me-up tips? What do you do to find and cultivate inspiration? What do you do when you’re feeling stuck?

    If you need some help figuring out what to do for your work space next — or if you’re looking for ideas and ways to gain clarity on what would bring you more inspiration in your environment — download the free work sheet below and find your burst of creativity!

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    Happy playing!

    P.S. A tip for getting inspired: bring delight into your space so you have a good area to do your work and make your art. What are some of your favorite ways to do this? Follow me on Instagram to see mine! and I have a free gift for you below… get the work sheet to help build your inspiring environment asap. <3


    Download the FREE Worksheet!

    Get your creativity flowing with this Inspiring Environment worksheet.

      We hate spam, too; we'll do our best to only send you good stuff.  You can unsubscribe anytime.