How To Teach Your Kid the Basics of Rhythm, Even If They Don't Have an Instrument

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If you have a kid who LOVES music, and you want to invest in that love and help them explore their interests, I have something for you today!

Music is magic. Of course, I could go on all day long about how awesome it is. As a musician and music teacher, it’s my favorite passion.

I’m in big support of doing what you love, and I’m also a huge supporter of starting kids in music early. (But you probably already know this!)

I’m so glad you want to fuel your child’s music desires.

If your son or daughter loves music and wants to learn how to play an instrument, but you guys don’t actually have an instrument yet, here’s a short, simple, and effective music game you can play together that will start establishing a super important element of music into your child’s brain: rhythm!

RHYTHM is the beat that drives music and keeps it steady.
It’s the pulse of a song.
It's the groove you dance to.
It’s the structural backbone of music that helps a tune come to life and allows musicians to play smoothly with other musicians.
Rhythm is counting, numbers, and feeling the beat.

Without rhythm, your song won’t sound like it should.
A band will fall apart.
And you’ll be missing an important piece of the music.

I use this fun exercise with my beginning students when they come into my studio, and I’m excited for you to have a chance to try it out with your kid!

In the video below, I explain whole notes, half notes, and quarter notes, how to count them, and how to start practicing them immediately by clapping!

Remember, this is rhythm practice, so be sure you count at the same speed, reliably and consistently, without speeding up or slowing down between claps, to give your child a great rhythm start!

No matter what instrument your kid wants to play, he or she is going to need to be able to count well, so get clapping!

Hope you enjoy. :)

Happy playing!

P.S. If you love this video and are looking for more ways to help your kid start making music, I also have a free workbook and video series called How To Teach Your Kid Their First Song In One Day (for guitar!). I’d love for you to download it and keep playing together.