Important: Group Music!

I just read a cool article by Linda Ratcliff, on the Dulcimer Crossing blog. It’s about playing music with a group of other musicians, and why that’s so important! Here are a few of my favorite reasons she mentioned...

Photo by:  Epic Images

Photo by: Epic Images

“ • Playing with others will challenge you to achieve new skill levels. For example, you might think you’ve been keeping a good steady rhythm pattern. But when you play with a group, you may discover you’ve been speeding up for the easy parts and slowing down for the hard parts.
• Instead of being a one-man-show, playing in a group will help you develop musicianship as you learn to blend in by adjusting dynamics and tone balance, and develop a spirit of cooperation and camaraderie with the others.
• While we may spend many hours practicing and mastering our own instrument, the best memories of making music are always of making music with others.”

I love this! I wanted to share the inspiration, and I thought it was quite timely for our studio since next week is our first official week of masterclass lessons and group lessons! If you’re feeling the nudge to get out there and play with others, let me know!

Happy playing,