Stand Tall (Giraffe Guest Post)

Hello, friends!

I was doing some art this week and was visited by an inspiration, The Giraffe.  Here's what he and I came up with together:


You are beautiful.  You deserve respect.  Speak up.  Let your voice be heard.  Keep going.  Put your shoulders back and hold your head high; ground yourself to the earth with your feet and let your head reach high, all the way up to your crown.  Look up.  You are strong.  You are intelligent.  You are capable.  Choose confidence; confidence comes from inside, and no one can take it away.  Don't listen to the critics, the naysayers, the judges, or the negative folks.  Follow your North Star.  Let your heart be your own compass.  Believe in yourself.  Be guided by love always, never fear.  Trust.  Be brave.  Be kind.  Use your voice.  Help those who need help -- including yourself.  Remember your worth.  Shine like you are meant to.  Don't hide.  Stand up against bullies -- for yourself and for everyone else.  Honor your creativity.  Listen to your intuition.  Nurture and live from your soul.  Never forget how much you are loved -- no matter what.  Adventure, adventure, adventure.  Stay curious and keep learning.  Do not ever let anyone tell you it can't be done.  Choose wise influences.  Keep your heart soft and open, no matter how many times the rough and tumble of the world bruises it up.  Know every day that each moment is yet another chance to live a great story, for your life is your art.  Live from your truth.  Speak your mind (kindly).  Your opinions, thoughts, and feelings are valid.  You matter.  Stand tall.

Happy playing,
BRI & Giraffe