It's LOVE week!

I love my guy, my family, and my work.  I love the music community I am so lucky to be a part of.  I love music and art and kindness.

Photo by: Epic Images

Photo by: Epic Images

Speaking of love, today I've been thinking about spending my time on worthwhile things that I love, which add up to create a beautiful life.  Most people will tell you they wish they had more time off of work.  (Side note: here's how I feel about doing work we love!)  And for what?  There has to be a motivation and something better we're building!  What do we want to do with that time?

I have the best job (for me) in the world, and I find a lot of joy and meaning in it, so now my question to myself is, "What would you most like to be doing with your free time?"  Rather than only opening up our schedules for the sake of avoiding obligations or responsibilities, let's have something strong and beneficial and fun to do in their place.  I want to keep my interests, passions, and goals at the front of why I do what I do, and I want my free time to be full of the stuff that enriches my life.

Let's spend more time doing things we love, with purpose!  Take a walk, drink more tea, kiss your Valentine, play with your kids, make more art, have great conversations, and read all those excellent books!  Let's enjoy the normal, the mundane, the glorious, and the magical parts of our lives... and maybe notice how they're often all rolled up into one.

Lots of love celebrations happening this week.  I hope you've gotten to spend your week doing what you love with the people you love!

Happy playing!