A Four-Letter Word for All to Enjoy

Photo by  Epic Images

Photo by Epic Images

If "work" is a bad four-letter word to you, you're doing it wrong.

Work shouldn't be associated with anything negative.  The culture many Americans have become accustomed to  -- wherein you get a job for the salary, the status, the image, or the retirement fund, and then you just stick with it, unceasingly yet with no enjoyment -- is backwards.  It's vitally important that we do work we love.  When this happens, we'll be contributing the most good to the world.  Generally, what we're passionate about is where we shine and where we have most to offer.

If you're not sure you have an area of life you're excited about and really good at (I feel confident you do!), there are a lot of resources available for discovering it, tapping into it, and using it.  Some guides that have helped me recently, along with family and friends, are Tim Ferriss' book: 4-Hour Workweek, Dan Miller's podcast, Seth Godin's blog, and Emily Ann Peterson's Bare Naked Bravery podcast, services, and community.

It is beyond possible to do work you're crazy about, as an artist, an entrepreneur, a craftsman, a baker, whatever it is, and be fulfilled while also wildly successful.  For the good of yourself and of us all, would you commit to that?  Find that work and honor that love -- and those talented skills! -- you have.

Creating is a powerful, awesome thing.  Have faith and courage in getting off the beaten path and choosing your own right way.

Lots of love, brave friends!

Happy playing,