Eyes on the Sky

Photo by Epic Images

Photo by Epic Images

I've been taking morning walks every day during the week, usually about 8:00 AM, before I start my work for the day.  I love how it clears my head, gets my heart beating and blood pumping, and boosts my mood.  It gives me a better perspective to begin my day, and it feels awesome to walk through the neighborhood, taking deep breaths and observing the morning world.  Plus, I often take one of the dogs with me, and that makes them happy. ;)

Walking is good for a person for so many reasons.  All exercise is!  It offers clarity and calm.  It's good for your body and your mind.  I did a little research on this while writing this blog post... what is there to find about people who take walks?  (Especially in the morning.)  Taking a morning walk is a regular practice for many artists, such as Austin Kleon, and he's compiled some really cool quotes and written several super refreshing articles about routine, habits for creatives, and ways to cultivate your day from the beginning so it fuels your art.  Here are links to a few of my favorites: The Demons Hate Fresh Air + other posts about his walking thoughts, My Morning Routine, and Daily Rituals.  (Austin Kleon rocks.  I've said it many times and will keep saying it!  His works resonates deeply with me and will always be worth paying attention to and sharing.)

One giant perk of walking is it allows you to notice the world and your thoughts before you start tuning into email, social media, and work tasks.  Maybe you'll get your best song idea on a walk!  Maybe the ending to that book you've been trying to finish will fall into place while you're walking!  Maybe you will see the most striking sight while walking, and you'll know what you're going to paint next!

Walking helps my mind, my body, my balance, and my art.

One of my favorite realizations I've had walking so far is this:

Looking up is better than looking down. 
(Pay most attention to the sky, not the ground.)

See?  I had a lovely thought surrounding my perspective and approach, to both walking and life, and it turned into a short little poem!  Pay attention.  Pick your head up.  Keep your gaze high.  Think on the bright side.  And notice that pretty sky.

Are you a walker?  Would love to hear your thoughts on it!

Lots of love and happy playing,