Play Just To Play

This week's post is a short one.  It's a reminder to myself that I come back to over and over and over, and I thought I could share it with you in case you might also need to circle around to it...


Make your art for yourself, the way you like it.  Don't get caught up in who is going to receive it and how they're going to receive it; that's not your concern.  Just make your art with honesty, passion, and love.  Enjoy it!  Stop trying to fit it into a box.  I get too stressed over prepping for a performance or choosing songs or sounding good or gaining the approval of the audience.  That's not my job!  My job is to play what I love.  My job is to create and share the music inside me, and it doesn't matter who can't relate or who says it isn't good or who is not impressed.  I am not supposed to try to impress people.  I always feel more freedom and lightness when I play just to play.  When I play songs I picked out, not all things that other people chose and pressed onto me.  When I play from my heart instead of my fears.  Always let your heart be bigger than your fears in your journey of creating, friends.

Love always, and happy playing,