6 Months and Counting!

Last week, my website turned 6 months old.

That means it's been half a year since I first created musicbri.com!  I've had some fun thoughts about a few things I've learned in that time.

Things are getting a little faster now.  Some of the groundwork for what I want on my website has been laid, so I have less setup time before I can post and share a new blog, for example.  I created a MailChimp account and have (mostly!) figured out the basics of how to format newsletters through there and to send the blog posts to my subscribers directly and automatically.  (Which is such a handy tool and also much more efficient and smooth looking than doing it manually every time.)

This has all been a pretty steep learning curve.  Technology and website design are not particularly appealing fields to me, and as such, a lot of the behind-the-scenes details were totally unknown to me!  I would be to a point where I thought I was pretty much done, and then a whole new arena of work needed to be understood and navigated, with all new information, tasks, and decisions... and it fries my brain.  Definition of overwhelmed, you guys!  I suppose the challenge and brain activity is good for me, but how can it be when it's so stressful??

Okay, I digress.  :o)  I'm not crazy about technology and have no interest in coding.  That stuff gives me a headache (literally and figuratively), but I'm pushing through the minimal, necessary amounts required because the reward is worth it.  Having a functional, attractive website and blog is something I want, and I want to learn the things I need to know to keep it going.  So, for all things related to website, I've gone the route of perseverance.  I'm sticking with it.  And when it works, it's exciting!  I like it most of the time!

When it is not working or I'm lost, Squarespace's help videos and live chat windows are great tools.  I am learning something about myself, through various experiences and areas of my life: I love people, and I learn new things far better with other people.  Some personalities are independent learners; I am not one of those personalities.  I would much prefer to go to a professional, a friend, a local business, et cetera, than I would to make an extensive order online, do something I'm unfamiliar with by myself, or learn about a new topic alone.  I like community.  I like sharing the load.  I like not being completely self sufficient.  These are the reasons I go to a professional tax preparer instead of using Turbo Tax.  Same for insurance.  Same for getting business signs.  Same for figuring out website features!  I message the support people, and they answer my questions!  Hooray!  Much more my speed.  Squarespace is good about this stuff.

What else?  I got a P.O. Box!  This was pretty necessary to use MailChimp.  MailChimp requires an address, and I have to allow it to be made public and to be included in the footer of every email I send out.  I didn't want this for my home address, and at the time that I started blogging, I didn't have my own business location yet.  I do now!  I'm renting my own music room and am totally psyched!  But I'm keeping the P.O. Box for a mailing address.

I've taken all kinds of steps in the last 6 months that feel excellently adult-y.  Lots of learning.  I'm excited and having fun.  musicbri.com was a good step in this direction!  I have more to add, ideas from friends, and constant upkeep, but it's off to a good start.  Thanks for coming along for the ride and joining in on what I'm doing here!

Happy playing!