BRI Music Happenings!!

Hello from the happy, creating, busy mind of Bri!

My life, thoughts, and activities have all been a little all over the place for the last week and a half because I took a giant step for my business!!  (Also why I did not write a blog post last week!)  On August 17th, I signed my first ever rental agreement!   It's an office/studio space for my music lessons and other music business and art.  I'm SO excited.  It's 280 square feet and really cute, located in Old Towne Tehachapi, at 20725 South Street, Suite #7.  I want to tell you more about it and show you some cool pictures...

When we found the space, it looked like this:


And today, it looks like this:


So, you know, not much difference. ;)

I'm really happy with it and having so much fun.  I had no idea, two weeks ago, that I was ready for a move like this or that I would be able to pull it off so affordably.  This is a burst of creativity and potential for me, and it's inspiring me in so many ways.  I'm hoping (and thinking) it will help in furthering and expanding my business.  It's such a cool little spot, and now I have total flexibility for scheduling whenever I'd like and adding new students and classes!  Hooray!

Last Monday, my mom and I started looking for spaces for rent in Tehachapi, and we found this one the first day.  The low monthly price really surprised me.  I called the owner and talked to her about it, and two days later, we did a walk-through.  That Thursday, a week ago today, I signed papers and got keys!!!  (Hard to believe it's only been one week!)

Since then, everything has been a whirlwind of ideas, logistics, and hard work.  I've been overwhelmed and warmed to my core by the giant show of love and support I've received.  I love the way this new leap has brought community, friends, and family reminding me how much they care and want to be involved.  So much encouragement and help!  I would not be able to do this nearly as well as it's been going without my parents, Jake, Nikki, and countless friends stepping up and being so cool.  Painting, offering a mini fridge, giving me "house warming" gifts, hooking me up with PERFECT and steal-of-a-deal furniture, moving said furniture, helping me figure out the paperwork side of everything, leaving nice comments on Facebook, sharing the news to more friends...

It takes a village, and I'm lucky to have such a good one.  So many thanks to each and every one of you.

Through all the hard work and many hours of the last week, we've painted the room orange and turquoise, added a really custom, stunning reclaimed wood wall, filled it with functional and cute furniture I love, turned on the electricity, hung a gorgeously designed sign out front, filed for a fictitious business name, gotten an insurance policy with three types of insurance rolled into it, made lists and lists and lists, thought up some great ideas for this space, and been to Home Depot more times than I care to count!

It has been a GOOD week.  :)  And a crazy and frazzled one.

I will officially start teaching at my new BRI Music location in the first week of September!  My current students will be moving up there with me, and any new ones will start there!  Big cheers!

I'm so grateful to Peter and Debby Cutler and their businesses, Mountain Music and Fiddlers Crossing, for renting me a music room in their space for the last year.  It was the perfect next step to get my lessons out of my house and keep growing and having fun, and Peter and Debby have shared so much with me!  And now, with further expansion and the need for even more available days, I'm really stoked about this step after teaching from a music store room.

BRI Music will have its grand opening on September 2nd, a week from this Saturday, from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM!  Everyone is invited!  Current students, family, friends, musicians, music lovers, future students, curious passers-by, and everybody else!  If you want to see what we've been working on here, please stop by, say hi, and check it out.  It's a casual, come-and-go Open House.  We're doing it this way for a couple reasons: having a wider evening time should fit into more people's schedules, and the new room is also pretty small and won't fit TOO many people all at once!  Feel free to drop in whenever you can. There will be cookies and drinks.  It's going to be a fun party!

I'm feeling really lucky, inspired, and excited in this new music room.  I get to fix it up to make it a reflection of my creativity.  It's still a work in progress; even as I get more things done, it seems I always have more to add to the list!  I want BRI Music to be inviting, welcoming, comfortable, inspiring, and bright.  I hope lots of magic will happen here, many songs will be played and sung, and better friendships will be made.

And just look at that before and after again!  Ahh!

More to come.  Much love.

And happy playing, always!