There are bright, bold, red fall leaves on the tree at the corner of the street in my neighborhood.  Beauty.  
There is a man who sings crystal clear, strong, weaving notes with resonance.  Passion.
There are feelings of resistance in me -- resistance to certain situations, people, scenarios, my own busyness.  Tension.
There are feelings of excitement in me -- what I'm planning and building.  Accomplishment mixed with dreaming.

This week I'm noticing.  Simply observing, both the good and the bad.  I'm resting in the idea that giving each of my findings their own space to just be is transformative, all on its own.  I'm noticing mostly good stuff!  And the bad things don't always have to be changed; sometimes there is enough resolution and gentle unfolding in only observing and allowing them to be.

My neighborhood fall trees...

My neighborhood fall trees...

Enjoying the act of noticing today.

Happy playing!