Lend a Hand


"No man is an island."  -John Donne

Community is a powerful entity.  Connection with other people is moving and instrumental for any level of meaning, empathy, and growth.  Value comes into our lives by way of relationships and healthy interactions with others.

I find this to be true of family life, friendship, romantic love, hobbies, and business.  What we fill our lives with matters more and holds greater magic when it's shared. 

Lately, I'm really appreciating the beauty of community I see and experience through other people lending me a hand. (Or an ear or a word or their work...)  They say it takes a village.  It's so true!  I believe in dreaming big dreams for one's life, and I also believe in the power of connecting with other people and helping each other dream.  So many of my dreams have come true and are continuing to happen because of the people in my life.  

I have great business neighbors who are friendly and helpful, giving me support and tips, and sending business my way.  I have music mentors who are shaping who I am becoming; they are pouring what they've learned into me, with enthusiasm and joy, in the hopes that it will help my experiences.  I have people in my life who believe in me and cheer for me continuously.  My tribe gives me unconditional love and pitches in endless amounts of effort.  There are folks far ahead of me on the path, and they're turning around to show me the way!  I'm so thankful for all of it.

It can be little exchanges, like smiles and 'thank you's, and then sometimes the interactions that matter a lot are bigger.  Every human experience weaves together to make glorious, badass community.

AND it is a two-way street.  When someone shares with you, share back.  If somebody gives you a hand, offer value to their life and their situation, as well.  Turn around and pay it forward.  Community is never about using people for what they can get you or ripping someone off for your gain; it doesn't work like that.  "A rising tide lifts all boats."  Be there for your friends who are always there for you.  Conduct your business in a quality manner of honesty and service so it's working for you and for your clients; provide excellence!

I guess community is complex.  It centers around selflessness and humility.  I think it often looks different than I might expect, and when I am open to that, the result is beautiful.  

One of my music mentors and friends, Steve Eulberg, shared a quote about community on Facebook this week: 
"The person who's in love with their vision of community
will destroy community.
But the person who loves the people around them
will create community everywhere they go."
--Dietrich Bonhoeffer, quoted by Shane Claiborne in Krista Tippett's Becoming Wise: An Inquiry into the Mystery and Art of Living

It boils down to love.  I am definitely feeling the love, and I'm so grateful for it.  Now to always reciprocate love!

As John Donne said, "No man is an island."  Community!

Love and happy playing,

P.S. This is my 10th blog post!  Woohoo!  Thanks for being here. <3